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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Basic Library System (Java (JDK 1.2))

A basic library inventory system. Ready to implement. Contains some major modules.
Download Source Code

Atm simulation on stand alone pc using Swings,Jdbc (Java (JDK 1.5))

The purpose id to build a ATM software and show its simulation on a stand alone machine without connecting to network.. The system uses back end as MS Access for database. The source code is build on Jcreator and it requires configuration of Jdbc odbc driver.
Download Source Code

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Buddy Manager (VB.NET)

This Code let you understand the basic modification of the database through your application. You can manage your friends details very easily through this application and can mail them and even visit their websites through the application itself.
Download Source Code

BMS (C#)

This is the Bank Management System I posted last year. Some issues have been resolved and I hope users will enjoy it.

Download Source Code

BlueWay (VB.NET)

Free open source bluetooth advertising system based on 32feet library Project Description: BlueWay is bluetooth advertising system How the system work: You can set your file to beam via option panel and the system will start sending it to all mobile devices in the range. BlueWay will not send the same content for the same device twice. It is save devices MAC addresses and if the target device accept the content and it recieved the file successfully it will not send the same content to the device again. Requirements to run the project: 1. Bluetooth dongle compatible with Microsoft Stack. 2. Microsoft Windows XP SP2 / Microsoft Windows Vista. 3. Visual Studio 2005. Technology and 3rd party libraries used in this project: 1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / VB.NET. 2. 32feet library from 3. Bercham.OBEX library from

Download Source Code

Best Wallpaper Changer (C#, VB.NET)

Guarenteed the best wallpaper changer on PSC in c# dotnet.

Download Source Code

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bau WebCam (VB.NET)

See webCamms over the world. Lets add webcams and parameters, see various webCams at time, save the images, create avi, e-mail owner web cam. In next versions I want let chat while see webCam and upload the image of the webcam. Examples with More than 1.000 cams (files dxml). It's still in testing. I'm sorry my bad English, I'm spanish.
Download Source Code

Basic Database Functions (VB.NET)

Shows how to connect to sqlServer database and how to add, update, delete and search records..
Download Source Code

Text barcode (C#)

This dotnet solution developed in c# can be used to create a barcode 128b from an alphanumeric string. --> input: string --> output: imagestream or imagefile -- compile as windows application to see the example application -- compile as class library to use as a dll in another dotnet application Feel free to use this code in your applications.
Download Source Code

Banking Management System/Bank software (C#)

It's a banking software or u can say that it's a Bank Management System. It records all the transaction details of individual clients. And u also see the reports for all the transaction.
Download Source Code

Babylon like Multilanguage Dictionary (C#)

Translate words from and to several languages just like Babylon(tm). Capture the Clipboard and translations from and to English, Arabic, Chinese, Chinese (S), Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish and much more.
Download Source Code

Appointment System (C#, ASP.NET)

Dentist Appointment system, booking an appointment for patient. this appication will let you book for a free days and times appointment available and more. this is a great way to show what Calender object can do within application.
Download Source Code

ApiVideo (VB.NET)

At one point or another, we all come in contact with a project where we need (or want) to play media files. There are 2 main ways you can go about this, you can either use the MS MediaPlayer control and deal with interop and alot of issues. Or you can implement mci using the API. This project is an implementation of the mciSendString API, so you can just include the class into your project and use it on your form, no need to reference Media Player. This plays all know formats (mp3, mpeg, avi, wmv, divx,...) except midi files and cda (audio cd's). (the play statement, and maybe other statements as well, use arguments not supported by the midi and cda devices) The code is well documented and very clear, even a beginner will find it's way in it.
Download Source Code

An Ultimate .txt Locker (C++,.NET)

This programm can easy, quick and safe encrypt and decrypt .txt files. Also You can set decryption password. Important notes: work with English language txt's, password is lower-case expression, don't forget (if required) tick off "Save original .txt file".
Download Source Code

Airline Reservation System (VB.NET)

A complete application for airline reservation system. Helps the use of Database connectivity
Download Source Code

Address Label Printing Application (C#)

It is an address label printing application.Using C#,Ms Access and Crystal Report9.2. You can define your label size in crystal Report. Easy to use. This is an Address Label Printing Software Which has a facility for updateing,deleting and adding Customer details and print label using Crystal Report 9.It also provide a facility for printing label at desired position to save pages.Because this format has 30 label in one page and customer want to use them at desired position.
Download Source Code

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Molecule NetDemo Console (Java (JDK 1.1), Java (JDK 1.2))

It works like MS-DOS prompt does in Windows . Only difference is that "Molecule" is platform independent . it also works in Unix & Solaris also. the coolest part is that "Molecule" is very small in size and is very simple to use. it is written in Java, therefore the file i've included is a file named "NetDemo.class". So you must have java installed in your system i.e. your machine has to be a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). to run this software. "NetDemo.exe" which is the executable version is also available but i've not included it over here.

Download Source Code

Album Collector (Java (JDK 1.1), Java (JDK 1.2))

This is a simple program that stores info of music album and save it as a database. It can sort, search, replace, save and export to HTML.

Download Source Code

Airline Reservation (Java (JDK 1.5))

Airline Reservation. For both domestic and international airline ticket booking. Serialization is used in this project
Download Source Code

Agochar Keypad (JavaScript)

There are a number of articles and code samples regarding virtual keyboard in javascript, but i need a compact virtual keyboard with Unicode characters in Hindi (official language of India). The solution is to create an image have all possible characters and then generate a map to capture mouse movement on image.
Download Source Code

Advanced Payroll System (Java (JDK 1.5))

This is complete Payroll Application including Printpreviw and printing also no need to make ODBC connection directly run anywhere.
Download Source Code

AddTrack (Java (JDK 1.5))

This program can be used to keep track of advertisements of a company. I developed this program to one of the Mobile Operators in Sri Lanka called Sri Lanka Mobitel. It can be used by intermediate programmers to understand how JDBC works in a program. The interface is swing based and layout is done nicely. If you like this code, please make sure you rate it. It would keep me coding.
Download Source Code

AddressBook (Java (JDK 1.2))

This is a simple address book in which you can save and retrieve entries. Entries can have a large amount of information, including name, address, phone number and with a specified number of lines available for notes. You can add, delete or modify entries.

Download Source Code

A JavaScript Editor (JavaScript)

Great Tool for learning javascript, try it!!!
Download Source Code

A Voting System Applet (Java (JDK 1.1))

calculates how many votes did one item received during the voting process
Download Source Code

A Javascript Command Interpreter (JavaScript)

A Javascript Command Intpreter. Easy Tools To Learn Javascript. Must Have this!!! FIVE STARS TOOLS!!!
Download Source Code

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Task Manager for VB.NET, displays processes on local / remote computer, can end / terminate them (.NET)

The code lists ALL programs running on a local, or remote computer, and gives you the option to close or terminate them. It was originally styled like the XP/2K task manager, but i removed some of the performance tabs etc for simplicity.
Download Source Code

Text Predictor (.NET)

This program emulates the T9 dictionary found on various mobile phones. As you press the buttons, the non-probable words are discarded from the Listbox on the left which shows interactively what happens in your mobile phone while composing a SMS. I hope you people will like it.
Download Source Code

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Payroll System (.NET)

A payroll system that support multiple company. The database is created for every company. This is not intended for large businesses. My client did not ask for more features so the basic functions are: employees information, password protection, create voucher, payroll summary and an employee's list report. At least you will learn in this program on how to create a simple payroll system.
Download Source Code

A File Shredder - History Eraser - Privacy Cleaner (VB.NET)

Shreds files. Kills Internet explorer history, cookies, temp internet files. Has auto monitoring of IE to automatically clean history , cache and cookies when last instance of IE is closed. Cleans INDEX.DAT files on your computer which also keep tracks of your IE activities. Cleans various other recent file lists.
Download Source Code

A 1 on 1 chat with Some Functions (.NET)

This is a 1 on 1 chat with Some Functions By me(i'm Only a Beginner...) so dont blame me... well hope it help anyone out there, this chat program act as a server as well as a client!! check it out! Comment me if there is anything thanks! Hope there are Vote for ME thankz..

Download Source Code

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A basic Addressbook app II (Microsoft Visual C++)

This version of the Address Book application converts to a GUI that allows the user to add, update and/or delete entries in a persistent data file, using random access techniques. A tutorial that shows you how to build the Address Book application and the source are included. The readme file must be read before attempting to run the code. You can download the free tutorial from my site at ( This tutorial contains over 20 illustrations and should be very useful.
Download Source Code

A basic Addressbook app (C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++)

This is a basic Address Book application that allows the user to add, update and/or delete entries in a persistent data file, using random access techniques. A tutorial and the source are included.
Download Source Code

Console NotePad (C++ (general))

This program is a console word processor that replicates Windows NotePad. So far you may only open text files and move around it. Editing feature will be added soon.
Download Source Code

A Complete Win32 Windows Media Player Window Editor (C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++)

This is a complete application example of using pure win32 API to create windows (NO MFC!). This program simply Hides, Shows, and changes the caption of Windows Media Player. It is very basic, and it is a nice example of Win32 API. Also shows how to add a custom item to the System Menu(See Screen Shot)KEYWORDS: Win32 win32 WIN32 API api Api CreateWindow RegisterClass SetWindowText Show SHOW show HIDE hide Hide WIndow WINDOW window GetDlgItemText FindWindow ShowWindow AppendMenu System Menu SYSTEM system MENU menu Jaime jaime Muscatelli muscatelli
Download Source Code

Chess Program (Microsoft Visual C++)

This is a very basic 2 player chess program. I was required to make a graphics program for a computer science class using the CMU Graphics package. While this is an easy to use package, it is limited in it's uses.

This program has some inherant limiatations. First, since only jpeg support is available, I had to make twice as many images (since jpeg format does not support transparent pixels). This program will not detect check or checkmate as I did not have time to implement these features. As you will see, there is no undo feature. This could be somewhat easily implemented. The largest error I made was with the way pieces are stored in memory. They reside within a 8 x 8 matrix but have a wrong orientation. This makes it extremely confusing to calculate the ammount of pieces between 2 positions diagonally.

Please read the Orientation.txt file for more information on this problem.

Lastly, I have implemented a feature that blacks the screen when the window does not have focus. This is part of a somewhat complex system to reduce flickering graphics. When left unchecked, the graphics will flicker at annoying rates.
Download Source Code

Elite Converter (C++ (general), Microsoft Visual C++)

A simple MFC application that converts ASCII characters to their hexadecimal, decimal and binary equivalent. User friendly interface, auto-convert options, fun sounds and commented source code(Its not commented as much as it should be, I will try and fix this later) I'm sick of rippers... Might I note the side effects of this application: User death, if my work is stolen, ripped or plagiarized Do not steal my hard work!

Download Source Code

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Desktop Wallpaper Manager (.NET)

Bored of the same wallpaper everyday, too much effort to change it now and then. With this program you can choose your favourite wallpapers and have them change everyday or at every boot up. Shows you how to use a combo box with listview, get icon from a file, and other stuff.

Download Source Code

Appointments calendar (.net)

Appointments v1.0 Description: This is simply a calendar you can use, improve, and tailor to fit your particular uses. Its main feature is its ability to use xml as the data store. Store upcoming dates and appointments with it. Delete and view appointments.

Download Source Code

TeleFusion (.net)

TV LISTINGS PROGRAM. Displays channel guides for all UK TV cable channels. Includes page caching, favourite channel + show highlighting, SEARCH FOR SHOW, browse by category.... FULL SOURCE CODE, NO EXTRA DEPENDANCIES. Uses: Context menu, listview, web class, date class, tooltips, lots of string manipulation!

Download Source Code

Playlist generation program :: ASX M3U WPL 3mP PLS HTML TXT (.net)

This program goes though your MP3 collection, creating playlists automatically in the format you choose for artists you have 5 or more songs from. Can also create one large playlist from all your songs... Supports playlist types: ASX M3U WPL 3mP PLS HTML TXT

Download Source Code

UPDATED: C#.NET Multi-Threaded Folder Synchronization (.Net)

It is a multi-threaded program for synchronizing folders. It recognizes files as different when the size, last write time or attributes are different. NEW: The contents is also analyzed by the method you can choose (hash, byte by byte)! It also recognizes missing folders or files. To execute the application you need NGS_BrowseForFolder.dll. You can find it in the bin\release folder or download the source code (another submission of me in VB.NET). PLEASE VOTE.

Download Source Code

Thursday, January 1, 2009


ISAP is an Product developed to Web enable some the SAP Material Management Modules like Purchasing - Purchase Requisition , Purchase Order , Purchase Requisition Release,Purchase Requisition Reset Release operation over the Web. This product is to the leading application development tool for web-enabling SAP R/3. designed strictly for Internet technologies, right now ISAP leverages only fior Apache Tomcat Web Server only and allows developers to build e-Business applications that support real-time connectivity to SAP R/3 via Java, Macromedia ColdFusion, Microsoft Active Server Pages, and XML with a click of a button. With ISAP, companies can optimize the value of SAP R/3, and can do so with significantly reduced development time and cost. Available today from Me( ISAP is a must see for any company looking to incorporate SAP R/3 into their e-Business strategy. I used following BAPI for my development and i developed the Middleware Bean interfaces for the Respective BAPIS. BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE BAPI_REQUISITION_DELETE BAPI_REQUISITION_GETDETAIL BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMS BAPI_REQUISITION_GETITEMSREL BAPI_REQUISITION_GETRELINFO BAPI_REQUISITION_RELEASE_GEN BAPI_REQUISITION_RESETRELEASE_GEN BAPI_PO_CREATE BAPI_PO_CHANGE BAPI_PO_DELETE BAPI_INFORECORD_GETLIST BAPI_MATERIAL_GETLIST BAPI_VENDOR_GETLIST BAPI_VENDOR_GETLIST BAPI_SOURCEDETERMIN_GETSOS

Download Source Code

A Swing Logon Window (JAVA)

Beginners rate me on this one !! its a logon screen , its give users access to your application!! enjoy

Download Source Code

A faculty book system (JAVA)

Hi, this program is for my Java assignment.. this is a simple program which make use of JTable, MDI, text file, array, etc... if you like this program, pls vote me :D Just compile and run the program. javac FacultyBookList_Main java FacultyBookList_Main ZIP file updated with icons. (thks to Carl)

Download Source Code

A Basic Hardware Store (JAVA)

In this rewrite, the GUI is virtually the same, but the underlying code has had a major rewrite. In the previous version, there was one table. In this version, we have gone to multiple tables, where a table represents one tool. In addition, we show how to initialize the table during the initial call to the HardwareStore constructor.Updated 12/01/04 to loop on adds/updates/deletes. You can turn debug on/off from the menu bar. Send me an email if you have any problems with this example at This application shows the use of 1- RandomAccessFile processing 2- JMenu 3- JTable 4- Event processing 5- etc. This is written between the intermediate and advanced programmer levels. A tutorial and Src are included to show you how to build the example.

Download Source Code

A basic Client Server application (JAVA)

example shows you how to build a basic client/server application. This example sends a message from the Client to the Server and the Server acknowledges the receipt of the message. The source and a tutorial are included.

Download Source Code

Simplified Swing & JDBC Code for Adding, Modifying and Deleting Records (JAVA)

This code shows how to add, delete and modify records using Java Swing GUI and JDBC, its more simple than my previous version of part1, as I got suggestions by many programmers to simplify this code to do minimum requirement necessary for a new java programmer .

Download Source Code

Digital Clock v1.0

Small nice Digital Clock that remembers its last position

Download Source Code

Transparent Analog Clock (VB)

Nice Transparent Analog Clock.

Download Source Code

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