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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cash Register (Java (JDK 1.5))

The code is a simple java applet that simulates a cash register. It should be very useful for beginners to learn how to design a graphical interface (GUI) in Java

Download Source Code

camickr (Java (JDK 1.5))

Camickr's UI Defaults lists all of the various properties found in the javax.swing.UIDefaults LAF Hashmap collection and presents the data in a javax.swing.JTable and categorized tabbed pane view. Provides support for common data transfer operations (i.e. copy/paste) and features four changeable LookAndFeels (LAF).
Download Source Code

Car Sales System (Java (JDK 1.4), Java (JDK 1.5))

This program is a simple car sales system, you can add cars with details such as kilometers travelled, price, manufacturer, model, and additional info. Stores the cars using good OO design. The program uses swing and is a GUI application. On exit the cars are saved to a data file named cars.dat in the same directory as the program. Next time the program is loaded it reads the data file and loads in all the cars. Serialisation is used for the reading and saving of the binary file. This program was for a university assignment. It's been graded so hopefully there is no problem with releasing it. It will hopefully teach a lot of things, like swing, awt events, layout managers, swing events, simple menu's, JDialog's, using JTabbedPane. It features a simple sorting algorithm which sorts strings in alphabetical order, and has an example of how you can invoke a method inside a object with only a reference to a object, and not knowing what class it belongs to. It's an alternative to using an interface i suppose. Teaches serialisation also, which is basically saving the contents of an entire object in a data file, which can easily be read back into the object next time the program is loaded. Code is commented using javadoc standards
Download Source Code

Bus Scheduling and Booking System (Java (JDK 1.4), Java (JDK 1.5))

This is a better version of incomplite Scheduling system I posted earlier.I've add more functionalities e.g booking process and the scheduling part have been highly improved.More information have been added and it's work quite well.Even though scheduling part have been improved,it's not to it's perfect level and I asked anyone to looked at the part and make some improvement then post it back to me to better the functionalities.
Download Source Code

Budget Controlling (Java (JDK 1.4), Java (JDK 1.5))

Budget Controlling is my first Java project that I created as my final examination in Java Programming subject at my campus. This program is already complete because contains Master, Transaction, Report and also Users Management functions. I use jcalendar-1.3.2.jar as my date picker and jxl.jar to read excel file. Users also can change MySQL Server location, UserID and Password from initial.ini file This simple program, but I hope you can learn a lot of things. If you want to learn this program you need some tools such as : - NetBeans 6.0.1/ JCreator or latest - MySQL 4 or latest + MySQL Connector - JasperReport / iReport 2.0.5

Download Source Code

Bluetooth multiplayer game(J2ME) (Java (JDK 1.4), Java (JDK 1.5))

This a 2 player bluetooth car racing game designed for mobile phones with screen resolution 176*208
Download Source Code

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