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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chess Program (Microsoft Visual C++)

This is a very basic 2 player chess program. I was required to make a graphics program for a computer science class using the CMU Graphics package. While this is an easy to use package, it is limited in it's uses.

This program has some inherant limiatations. First, since only jpeg support is available, I had to make twice as many images (since jpeg format does not support transparent pixels). This program will not detect check or checkmate as I did not have time to implement these features. As you will see, there is no undo feature. This could be somewhat easily implemented. The largest error I made was with the way pieces are stored in memory. They reside within a 8 x 8 matrix but have a wrong orientation. This makes it extremely confusing to calculate the ammount of pieces between 2 positions diagonally.

Please read the Orientation.txt file for more information on this problem.

Lastly, I have implemented a feature that blacks the screen when the window does not have focus. This is part of a somewhat complex system to reduce flickering graphics. When left unchecked, the graphics will flicker at annoying rates.
Download Source Code

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