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Saturday, December 26, 2009

QuickPic Browser (VB.NET)

Just a simple program to browse through a computer for picture files and have those pics displayed quickly. Just added an option to save the selected file somewhere else on the computer/some other drive.

Download Source Code

iNetShop (C#)

It's a really basic internet shop counter. I used class, timespan and stopwatch.

Download Source Code

Basic Integration of MySql and DataGridView (C#)

This code binds a MySql table to a DataGridView object so the user can control the table.

Download Source Code

Time Interval Control (C#)

This control can be used when the user needs to enter a time interval as an input. The code demonstrates usage of regular expressions, and attributes such as DefaultEvent and EditorBrowsable

Download Source Code

Excel Exam System 9.2 (with auto scoring) (VBA MS Excel)

To give student exam questions via excel 2007 and mark them automatically so as the student will get their score instantly. Able to protect sheet automatically to prevent student from editing questions. Able to randomly generate questions from database Able to mark the test automatically and give the score to student immediately. Able to hint student with 1/3 of an answer. And some hidden functions for developers. (Using Excel formula and VB code)

Download Source Code

Load And Save ListView Example (VB 6.0)

Loads list Items of a Notepad.txt into a Sub Header of a ListView. You can also make a list and save over the loaded List or save it to another directory in your files. The main reason I provided this code is for those needing to use this piece of code for their projects.

Download Source Code

ZipSearch 1.2 * Search File Names & Content in File System & Zip Files (VB 4.0 (32-bit), VB 5.0, VB 6.0)

ZipSearch simulates the Windows search utility and extends on it to include zip file contents. Searches are based on name matching, and can also perform date and size filtering. Limited wildcard characters are supported for matching of folder and file names. Searches within file text supports multi-line, case-sensitive and case-insensitive matching, as well as whole-word-only searches. This tool can also perform searches within the text content of zipped files.

Download Source Code

Land Survey (VB 6.0)

Traverse by field data input, determine area of a parcel, and a fer other facets of land surveying.

Download Source Code

Firestar Web Browser (VB.NET)

This is an Internet Web browser that I wrote in Visual Basic 2008 the new form of Visual Basic.Net. I am calling it version 1 because this is a work in progress as you can say. I am working on a Version 2 that will let you save bookmarks and do web searches from the Web browser. I am calling this Web Browser the FireStar Web Browser

Download Source Code

How to show place in Google map via JSP (Java (JDK 1.5))

How to show place in Google map via JSP.

Download Source Code

Multi-Page Print and Preview Demo (C#, VB.NET)

This code provides the tools to allow you to make nice looking (multi-page) print/preview reports. I have included both the VB and C# versions. There is a problem with this code, it is very slow and programming language (VB or C#) seems to have no affect on speed. The VB6 version of this code runs 34 times faster then this .NET version. If anyone can figure out why, I would appreciate the help. (Update: Add report examples to C#)

Download Source Code

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